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ufc 294 picks from locktopus

UFC 294 is upon us and let me tell you I am excited. With cancellations and last minute substitutes, this card has genuinely been a disaster to keep up with. However, Dana did cook and found a way to still make it an enjoyable and exciting card. As much as I wanted the Charles rematch in the main event, Volkanovski would still be an enjoyable fight along with the second filler, in Kamaru Usman and the psychopath, who is Johnny Walker. UFC 294 is going to be filled with surprises and I am all here for it. Let's get to the picks.

Kamaru Usman vs Khamzat Chimaev

As much as I want to go back to the side of Kamaru here, I don’t think I can. After his recent knee injury, I feel like one bad shot or one wrong movement for him could lose him this fight. Chimaev is a psychopath when he fights, so he will be looking for the kill. Recent videos of shown him training have shown him practising oblique kicks, which will probably be the downfall of Usman in this fight if Chimaev sticks with that plan. The contrast of Chimaev constantly going in and Usman liking to wait fights out is going to be interesting. However, in a fight that was only 3 rounds, I really do see Chimaev trying his hardest to win this fight early. After looking at both Usman and Chimaevs's recent fights, I will be backing Khamzat Chimaev by KO/TKO or Submission (-120) via Fanduel. Sprinkling on Chimaev to win in Round 2 (+460) and Round 3 (+1100)

Alexander Volkanovski vs Islam Makhachev

Volk is and will always be one of the pound for pound GOATs in the UFC and he is matched up against the current 3rd ranked P4P fighter in Islam Makhachev. Volk took this fight on short notice, but he is one of the smarter fighters who always keeps, weight and trains, regardless of if he has a fight scheduled or not. Makhachev’s fight camp revolved around grappling defense and defending himself on the ground where Charles would probably look to catch him off guard and take down a grappling specialist. Bringing Volk into the equation now changes the parameters completely due to the contrast of Volks's fighting style in comparison to Charles. I expect Volk to slowly kick away at Makachev’s body and legs and wear him out, bringing the fight to a decision. If Volk gets a dominant position on the ground, I can see him winning via ground and pound as well. Due to the variance in Volk’s fighting style and because he can win in many separate ways, my official pick will be a revenge narrative

Not gonna give much of an explanation on a lotto, just some spots I think could happen and when you parlay them together you either get a mini sweat or you, torch $10.

$10 PAYS $700 and it looks like a great sweat. That’s all from me, Best of Luck and we’ll be seeing!


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02 Νοε 2023

Damn how did we miss this? these guys know their ufc

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